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Attractions On Nakhonsawan
Nakhon Sawan Province is especially interesting for those tourists who like to see real Thai culture as, here, what you’ll see is real Thai life – not the fake Thai culture you see in many tourist areas. If you do get up to Nakhon Sawan though, where are the best places to visit?

Wat Kiriwong

Wat Kiriwong is located on the Dao-wa-dung hill in Amphoe Muang, Nakhon Sawan province. It has a sacred golden pagoda – Prajulamanee pagoda. On the fourth floor of pagoda, you will see the awesome scenery of Nakhon Sawan province 10 kilometers around. When you see eastward, there are Kao Gob, Boraped pond and Pak nam pho market. There are many beautiful mountains fascinated you.

Bueng Boraphet

Bueng Boraphet, or Boraphet Marsh, is the largest freshwater lake in Thailand, boasting over 200 square kilometers of land and earning it the moniker of “Northern Sea” or “Great Lake”. Almost 200 species of animals and plants have been found in the area, the rarest including the white-eyed river martin and the Siamese Tiger Fish. In March, fluttering grebes migrate to the lake, also home to Asian Open Bills and Pheasant-Winged Jacanas.

Dechatiwong BridgeDechatiwong Bridge

Dechatiwong BridgeDechatiwong Bridge is a bridge across the Chao Phraya River located on Paholyothin Road at kilometer 340 before entering the central area of Nakhon Sawan province. The bridge is made of Ferro-concretes with 404.5 meters long, 6.50 meters wide and 1 meters footpath. The name of the bridge comes from the surname of Major Mom Krom Luang Dechatiwong, the chief of the highway in that period.

Sawan Park

This half square-kilometre parcel of greenery was originally a massive swamp called NongSom Bun. It was later transformed into a public park, encircled by a two-layered ring road, with an island nestled at its heart. Visitors will enjoy the beautifully designed park’s front area, health zone, fountain, outdoor stage, waterfall and rose garden. Bathrooms and dressing rooms are also available.

Nakhon Sawan Temple

Located on Sawanwithi Rd. in the city. This temple has the special Buddha's Image called "Phra Phu Hai A-pai Ying" located behind the main temple on Thepsithichai Rd., the first image faces east and the other faces west, were built by the Burmese as the mountains of forgiveness and stop the revenge. Inside the main temple there is another Buddha Image called "Luang Phor Sri Sawan”.


This 10-story, 32-metre high building sits atop the Khiriwong Temple Hill, built especially for tourists visiting NakhonSawan province. Inside, visitors will find the information centre, OTOP handicraft shops, restaurants and an internet café. Those fascinated by astronomy can observe the celestial sights outdoors on the third floor. NakhonSawan Municipality views can also be enjoyed via telescopes on the tenth floor.